Really Madonna?!?

I mentioned what that crazy brit Madonna said, you know about “blowing up the white house”, to one of my liberal friends.  His response was “I highly doubt she said that, did you hear that on Fox News or something, you can’t believe all that fake news.” Thiscoming from a guy who considers himself informed, unfortunately for him he has been drinki g the cool-aid for so long that he does it subconsciously. He blocks out truth that is blunt and right in front of him. So sad, so sad. 

Oh ya,Madonna!  How can she say what she said without going to jail?  I guarantee you under Obamas regime if someone would have said that, well first of all they would be a “racist”, second, they would have been arrested on the spot. 

Time for people to rethink how they see the world, time for libs to grow up. 


One thought on “Really Madonna?!?

  1. If she is so concerned about women, why doesnt she spend some of those millions of $$$ that she has on battered womens homes. Why doesnt she use her influence and time to help at womens shelters around the country. So sad that she is in a position to actually do so much good for women and doesn’t.


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