America get Ready

Get ready for something that is scaring the crap out of liberals. 

Get ready for more jobs…..damn I have to work now?  There is no excuse to be collecting free government $$ if you are an able person to work. Guess what that means? You can now get health care through you job!!  Health care that actually works instead of that crap the Obama administration was forcing you to buy. 

So here is what you can protest… You have to get a job… I know that sucks but you will find soon that earned money is so much better than free money…I know because I have had jobs since I was in 1st grade.  Not that Im suggesting children have actual jobs..but chores are healthy..otherwise you raise entitled little liberals that expect everything for free…….where was I?

Oh ya what you can protest. So once you get a job/career most offer…Health Care!!!  So you now have a job and health care, what are you going to do with all that extra $$? Well if your living somewhere you dont like you can move now! Hey that thing you’ve been wanting but haven’t been able to get because of (insert your excuse/whos fault it is)  you can now get. Hey your probably not the only one getting this lucky now to do these new things. So many people will get jobs and health care that the economy will have to grow to keep up with the demand. So more things will have to be produced for these people. Those poor manufacturers, how will they be able to do this?..I guess they will just have to hire more people…oh darn. And so on and so on. 

When people are given more of their earned money to spend this is what we get. 

If this is not for you then please step aside and let all the people rush through to get this so They can provide for their family. Most of America still believes in the American dream and its back…Get ready America!!!!!!


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