Good deeds

I work with the public and often times can seriously help them out when I am not required too. I often take this route, most of the time I dont get a thank you. I wounder how those liberals would feel that the person that just saved them a lot of hassel was one of those deplorables they talk about. I often want to bring up my political views with the public to show them that the majority of people at my work that actually care for the people are conservative. Most of the liberals at my work talk about being tolerant but if you heard the behind the scenes locker room talk you would think different. I truely believe on average liberals talk the talk but rarely walk the walk and conservatives try their hardest to walk that walk but rarely talk it. We just try to treat people the way we want to be treated….hmmm whats that called again….it used to be taught in school…..oh ya The Golden Rule. 


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